Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mrs Claus and a good ad

The video above is a Christmas ad, and I love absolutely love it. A lot. It’s not for a shop here in New Zealand, but that doesn’t matter: It’s about what Christmas is supposed to be about.

The ad (long version) is for British retailer Marks & Spencer, and it plays on the story of Santa Claus, but focusing on Mrs. Claus. I like that they made her a strong, independent woman, but I especially like the focus on her doing something to help someone who needs help, someone who loves someone and needs help to make sure they have a good Christmas. Because, focusing on others is what Christmas is about.

The ad, directed by Tom Hooper, effectively uses special effects, clever editing, and good acting to convey a simple story. The humour is understated and subtle, which makes it work all the more, in my opinion.

I first saw this ad shortly after the debacle of the US election, and it made me feel better. I want to believe in a world in which good always wins, love always triumphs, and there is always something good to believe in. Despite the US election results, isn’t that something we all hope for?

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