Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The waiting…

I took the selfie above a little while ago, at a little over a half hour until the first polls close in the US election. It’s not serious—well, not entirely serious. I’m reasonably optimistic about the results, but there’s always the chance it could all go horribly wrong.

Yesterday, Radio New Zealand posted an article about the reactions of New Zealand politicians to the US election. As one would expect, both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition were diplomatic. But what caught my attention, though, was this:
"It may be that there'll be no apocalypse tomorrow, but I still recommend people get, buy a bomb shelter kit, construct it tonight, just in case the worse happens."

Mr Seymour said New Zealanders should be very concerned about Mr Trump getting his hands on the nuclear codes.

"Because you've got a guy who has shown he doesn't feel any constraints or limits. I've never seen him at any time, restrain himself, pull back and say 'hang on a minute, I have [to] follow some rules for the greater good' and having a guy like that with nuclear weapons is particularly concerning."
The speaker is David Seymour, the lone MP of the neoconservative Act Party. If even a hard right (economic) conservative thinks it’s a good idea to build a bomb shelter in case Don wins the presidency, well, that speaks volumes, really.

And the fact that Don could win is why I made the expression in the photo that I did. I may be reasonably optimistic that Hillary Clinton will win, but I really am terrified that the worst could happen and Don could win.

In the photo above, I’m making a phony face. Tomorrow? Well, fingers and everything else crossed.

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