Thursday, November 24, 2016

The day before Thanksgiving

This is a first: A post in which I’m sharing not one, but TWO Instagram photos! That’s because they’re both from today, and both about Thanksgiving. Well, the day before Thanksgiving.

Today is the fourth Thursday in November, which, of course, means absolutely nothing in this part of the world. In my American homeland, that Thursday is Thanksgiving, but that’s also tomorrow their time. It gets confusing even for me: Which day should I celebrate? I’ve often had a turkey sandwich on this particular Thursday, as I did today (the packaging has changed since I last did this back in 2014). As it happens, I will be making a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and that’s why both of these photos are relevant.

After my turkey sandwich lunch, I headed out to the store to get a few supplies, including tinned pumpkin. Only one grocery chain, Countdown, carries it, saving me a special trip to Martha’s Backyard. And that’s where the problems began.

Countdown has a smartphone App I wanted to check to see which area store carried the pumpkin. I had to update the App first. Then, I checked and the area stores did have them.

So, I went to my usual Countdown, and couldn’t find them. They’ve always been in the “International” section, in the part where imported American products are stocked in small quantities. So, I asked at the service desk and the kind lady checked, and their computer did, indeed, show they had some. She went with me to where they were supposed to be, and there was nothing. Then I noticed the price was on the shelf, but there was no stock—they’d spread out marshmallow spread to fill the shelf. She checked in back, but they couldn’t find any there, either.

So, off I went to another Countdown in a local mall (that has two—which is long story). I wandered around, couldn’t find and it was just about to give up, when—Boom!—there they were, and many cans, too (also in that store’s American area of their International section).

So, I grabbed a couple cans (and checked the expiry date…), and as I was putting them in the trolley, I noticed what was on the top of one. The photo of that is below.

I said on Instagram that I was briefly homesick, and that’s actually true: Seeing that on the top of the can of pumpkin I was buying so I could make pies for Thanksgiving was enough to give me “the feels”. And then I went and finished my shopping.

So, I now have all my supplies, and tomorrow will be a busy day. But at least I finally have my tinned pumpkin, and I had my traditional turkey sandwich. Jeez, all that AND beautiful weather, this was a great day, this day before Thanksgiving.


Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Not surprisingly, Wednesday evening, when I was talking about needing to go find some, I started singing the jingle. Neither Nigel, nor our niece or her fiancΓ©, were suitably impressed. Foreigners! I mean, that's what they would have been thinking… πŸ˜‰

rogerogreen said...

Libby's Libbt's Libby's on the label label label!