Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A message to my fellow Americans

Good Evening, my fellow Americans.

In a few short hours, polling places throughout the Eastern Time zone will start opening and the final voting will begin. Hours later, the election will finally be all be over. No matter who wins, some Americans will be disappointed, and some of THEM will declare they’re moving out of the USA. It always happens.

I’m pleased that so many of people have told me they’d move to New Zealand. That’s nice! You’ll be glad to know that Inauguration Day will be held during our summer, which means that the refugee camps for Americans should be quite pleasant for you. Best to leave your tents and camping gear at home, though (they’re biosecurity hazards, you know).

Seriously, VOTE. It’s every citizen’s duty.

And, if it doesn’t go your way, start with a visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

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rogerogreen said...

"My fellow Americans" - always reminds me of LBJ