Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving explanations

Thanksgiving, probably the biggest American holiday, is this week. So, who better to explain the myths and misunderstandings about the quintessentially American day than the BBC—wait, what? Ah, Anglophenia. Carry on.

Above is the latest video from BBC America’s Anglophenia, this one explaining “Thanksgiving Myths”. I knew most of the facts in the video (and won’t say which ones I didn’t…), so the video’s not really a surprise. But I can imagine how some Americans blissfully ignorant of their own history might find this video, um, challenging.

Not so anyone who reads this blog, of course, all of whom, I’m confident, either know all this or are as happy as I am to learn something new. And learning new things is always a good thing.

Happy (less-mythful) Thanksgiving!

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