Sunday, November 01, 2015

Family gathering

Last night we attended the wedding of our niece, and it was a really good night. Nigel was the MC, there was pizza, karaoke, and lots of laughs. Turns out, it was the perfect way to celebrate our own anniversary.

I don’t talk about our extended family members without their permission, but even without doing so I can say that our niece was lovely, the groom was handsome, and the evening was really nice. The ceremony was simple, “non-traditional” (though I’m not sure that term really means anything any more…), and secular. Just the way I like them!

It was emotional (in a good way), as such things are, and, quite possibly, I may have had something in my eye a time or two. There were tasteful remembrances of our niece’s dad, Nigel’s older brother, who died many years ago, and it was is if he was there, too. That added a special dimension, I thought.

Nigel’s family is large, loud and fun, but there were plenty more there who were all those things. All of which meant a very fun night. The first food served after the ceremony was small, hors d’ouevre and tappas kinds of things, then later in the evening pizzas from Sal’s New York Style Pizza were delivered (they have a location a few doors away from the venue). I was in heaven at the point, and even I—a pizza fanatic—had enough. In fact, I may even have had more than enough, but I couldn’t comment on that. On the plus side, it certainly helped me make sure I didn’t have “more than enough” wine…

The speeches were good—sometimes funny, sometimes touching. A surprise was that the newlyweds recognised a friend’s birthday that night—and our wedding anniversary! It was a lovely surprise, and very touching. Is it any wonder I love this family I've married into?

So, an evening spent with our large extended family, good food, and lots of good and warm feelings made for an outstanding night—and a lovely way for Nigel and I to celebrate our own wedding anniversary. Not sure we could have had a better night.

So, in honour of our niece’s wedding, and our own anniversary, let me raise a metaphorical glass and offer a toast: Here’s to love! It’s the only thing in life that truly matters.

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