Monday, November 30, 2015

Flag Referendum Ad: Voting Packs have arrived

The video above is the latest ad from the Electoral Commission, this one informing voters that voting packs have now been delivered, so voters who haven’t received theirs should get a move on to get a replacement. There could be one more alerting voters to the deadline for returning their voting paper.

I haven’t voted yet because I’m still making up my mind what I’ll do. I’ve pretty much decided on 1 and 2, but haven’t quite made up my mind if I’ll rank the other three (I really dislike one of those three).

I’ve talked about the referendum with several people by now, and most of them are planning to vote. Some people have shared how they voted, and why, and it’s impressive how much thought people are giving to their vote—they’re clearly taking it seriously.

I also know of several people who are deliberately casting an informal vote in any number of ways in order to protest the referendum. I suppose that’s valid for those who truly hate the idea of changing the flag or just this particular referendum, but it seems a little pointless to me because their votes won’t matter, and won’t in any way influence the results. Also, unless someone hates all five alterative designs, I would’ve thought it would’ve been better to choose at least one rather than risk a hated alternative actually beating the current NZ flag in the second referendum. But, to each their own.

This has been a difficult referendum. With the misinformation, disinformation, bizarre conspiracy theories, and entirely personal animosity against the Prime Minister. There’s much grumpiness in the land. I’m glad this isn’t the normal way our elections or referenda happen!

I’ll also be glad when this is all over. I hope a good design wins as the alternative flag, because it’s time for a new flag. And that’s why I’m taking my time to get it right.

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