Sunday, October 04, 2015

Bella’s ‘birthday’ is today

Today is our cat Bella’s birthday. I should make that “birthday” because it’s completely arbitrary. We have no idea when she was born, since she was a stray who chose us, so we gave her a birthday that was six months after Jake’s. When Sunny came along, her birthday was halfway between the two. Meant to be, clearly.

That much I’ve discussed before, but I only once wrote a birthday post for Bella, and that was in 2013. I must’ve forgotten in 2014, and I have no idea why—maybe the exhaustion after the end of the election campaign? A couple weeks later, though, I posted a couple photos of her. That’s something, I guess.

Today I posted a photo of Bella and me to Facebook (at right). She wasn’t all that thrilled, I don’t think, though she kept purring throughout her ordeal. She actually seems to kind of like posing for photos. But not all the photos I take of her are posed (or posted), so up top is one of her yawning. She woke up when I entered the room, so I took some photos, and in this was one of them.

Below that is a photo I took a couple days ago of Jake and Bella on the sofa, lying right next together. They’re not exactly best friends—Jake’s leery of what we call Bella’s “sharp fingers”—but they’re hardly enemies, either. Mostly, they tolerate each other. Sometimes, though, they do play, usually initiated by Sunny, who’s great friends with Bella (Sunny’s best friend when she was young was a cat named Toy).

Bella’s birthday today was quiet, apart from the photo sessions. I think she likes it that way.

Happy Birthday, Bella!

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