Monday, October 26, 2015

Labour Day: Out and about

Today was Labour Day in New Zealand. Stores were having sales of various kinds, and this afternoon we joined the masses so we could pick up a couple things for the house, plus a few groceries. We were successful.

We didn’t go out shopping, apart from this afternoon, but last night we went and had dinner with our friends, originally from the USA, who were up from Wellington, where they live. We went to Sal’s Pizza, which is a NY-style pizzeria chain (mostly in Auckland at the moment). It was a great evening. I also got an accent recharge and, as an added bonus, for a change Nigel was the minority in a group of Americans.

The photo above is one I shot while we were out and about today, as I waited in the car for Nigel to run a quick errand. The photo doesn’t mean anything—I just liked all the various grids and angles and that everything still shiny and new.

They’re the rolling cage-like bins that stores put cardboard into, but these were outside a medium-to-large vacant store, and there was no one around, despite it being a public holiday with a lot of cars on the nearby roads as people (like us…) went from shop to shop.

Back at home, I looked at the photo, cropped it slightly, and then—and I’m not quite sure why—I decided to upload a higher-resolution version to my Flicr account, something I haven’t done in over three years. This meant downloading the new uploader app (the old one didn’t work), and it was a bit of a mission to get things working just right. I think I’ll start using Flicr again for photos I share publicly—I mean, why not? You’re welcome to have a look at my “Flicr Photostream” if you want.

And that, basically, was my Labour Day Weekend this year.

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