Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sick of hearing about the damn emails

In the video above, Senator Bernie Sanders said what is already being hailed as the moment of the night in the Democratic Debate. Defending Hillary Clinton, he said: “America is sick of hearing about your damn emails!” He’s absolutely right.

Ever since Republican US Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Majority Leader in the US House, accidentally admitted that the whole point of the Republicans’ constant investigations into Benghazi was to destroy Hillary Clinton, the obsession on Hillary’s emails was becoming more and more suspicious.

Since then, an investigator for the committee has come forward [VIDEO] to say he was fired when he raised concerns that the Benghazi committee was too partisan against Clinton. The Republican chairing the committee predictably, if unprofessionally, called the man a liar.

Then we learned that retiring Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, was part of the politically-motivated fraud. He saw the crusade about Clinton’s emails as a way to keep the phony Benghazi “investigation” alive and cause political damage to Clinton. So, if you’re following the soap opera, the Majority Leader admitted the whole point of the Republicans’ Benghazi committee was to damage Hillary Clinton, and then it turns out the Speaker of the House saw the Republican crusade on emails as a way of harming Clinton, too.

The chair of the committee has also been accused of breaking federal law by publicly discussing employment matters relating to the whistleblower former investigator [VIDEO]. Things have fallen apart very quickly for Republicans, and it’s now obvious that the whole “investigation” is and always has been a Republican politically-motivated attempt to destroy Hillary Clinton.

So, When Bernie Sanders said “America is sick of hearing about [the] damn emails,” he was absolutely right. There’s no evidence that ordinary, non-Republican Americans care about the Republicans’ crusade it at all. In fact, they’re beginning to clearly see that the only point of the entire Benghazi committee and everything about it had one and only one goal: To help the Republican Party and its eventual presidential nominee by destroying Hillary Clinton.

It’s time that partisan crusade was ended so that even the newsmedia will finally focus on the issues that US voters really care about, and not the phony Republican partisan crusades.


Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes, and even "moderates" scoffed at the assertion back then. Yet time and again, it's revealed to have been true. At one point does that description stop being called nonsense?

rogerogreen said...

a massive right-wing conspiracy (why does that sound familiar?)