Thursday, October 22, 2015


Pretty much all the people I know who share their lives with furbabies dote on them. Those who don’t are often appalled by our behaviour, but we don’t care: We’ve learned that the way people treat their fur companions says a lot about their character.

Good character is, of course, very different from good behaviour, and some of us may a wee bit too accommodating to our furbabies. Like today, for example.

The photo above shows Jake, Bella, and Sunny asleep on the bed, where they’d been for an hour or so. I fed them, as I always do, but I didn’t make the bed as I usually do while they eat because I planned on putting on fresh sheets today. Instead, I went and had breakfast, checked my email, and also the news I’d missed overnight.

When I went back, they were all in bed. Naturally, I couldn’t disturb them. So, I went and did other things around the house, and one by one they got up to go to see what I was doing. I seized the opportunity and changed the sheets. Jake always waits for me to finish, then jumps on the bed and lies down. Always. Sunny was elsewhere.

I always make the bed while they’re eating precisely so I that can do it without disturbing them. The reason I make sure to do it early is because all the “efficiency” and “organisation” experts I’ve ever heard have advised making the bed first thing in order to score a “win” early in the day, to set the tone for the rest of the day. I don’t know if that’s true or B.S., but habit is habit, I guess.

The furbabies don’t care about expert advice, or my schedule, they just want a comfortable and quiet place to sleep. And if their goal conflicts with my own goals and plans for the day, well, mine can wait. Like this morning.

I don’t know how many animal lovers would let their furbabies keep on sleeping, and how many would get them to jump down, but pretty much all the people I know dote on their furbabies more often than not. I’m okay with that, and I know that Jake, Bella, and Sunny are, too.

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