Friday, July 10, 2015

Well done, South Carolina

Here’s something I don’t say every day: Congratulations and well done, South Carolina! The South Carolina legislature voted to take down the “Confederate Battle Flag” from the grounds of the South Carolina State Capital, and the state’s Republican Governor, Nikki Haley, signed the bill into law (video above).

This was a long time coming, and overdue. It’s also true that this happened because of the murders in Charleston. That act of hate brought the inappropriateness of that flag being on the capital grounds into sharp focus. Common sense prevailed, and the flag comes down tomorrow.

Check out the moment at 6:40 in the video, because it’s pure class, and just the right touch.

Below is the speech that many credit with turning the tide in the South Carolina House. Republican State Representative Jenny Horne made an impassioned speech that caught the attention of people outside and inside the House (a transcript was included in the YouTube description by the person who posted the video).

Several other Republicans also made strong speeches on behalf of removing the flag. To be honest, I was surprised. Maybe times have changed, or maybe it was the power of an idea whose time had come, but, in either case, it was great to see.

Well done, South Carolina.

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