Thursday, July 23, 2015

Green water, too

The drinking water shared by our furbabies is now green, but it’s supposed to be that way. They don’t mind, and it’s supposed to be good for them. But it does look weird.

The green stuff is supposed to help prevent the bacteria that leads to plaque from sticking to their teeth. This is because dogs and cats don’t rinse and spit like people do, and it’s part of what the vet has recommended to help keep their teeth healthy (other parts include brushing the dogs’ teeth, if they allow it, and giving them food that helps clean their teeth).

The furbabies don’t seem to have noticed. Maybe it’s just us that thinks green water is weird.

Actually, that’s a small problem: We have very helpful friends and family who, seeing the green water, might change the water for us. We’ll need to make sure we tell the friends and family who visit the house that the water is supposed to be green.

Bella is pictured above, earlier this evening, right after I refilled the furbabies' shared water bowl. In reality, that bowl is much larger than her head; my phone just happened to be close to her head when I shot the photo.

At least Bella gets a photo—I still don’t post enough photos of her. I think this will be the only photo of green water, though.

Update: There's an update to this post (first item).


Sandra Newton said...

Arthur, can't you speak Cat? Look at her, she's saying "ugg, this water is a funny colour, can't you change it?"...

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Funnily enough, she really was talking to me—quite a lot. In some other photos, she got up on her back legs to try and sniff my phone. But what she was saying was,"I know you just fed me, but you're going to give me more food now, right? RIGHT?!"