Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hold on a second…

At 11:59:59am today, the Leap Second arrived in New Zealand. I thought I’d make a video of it for fun, and then things went awry. The brief video above is the final result.

I went to get everything ready well in advance, only to find the battery for the main camera was dead and needed to be charged, something that would take more time than was available. So, I set up my phone to record it.

Next, I used timeanddate.com, which promoted the event, complete with countdown clocks and clocks of when the event arrived in various time zones. I was ready!

So, I started recording a few seconds early, watched and waited: 11:59:55, 11:59:56, 11:59:57, 11:59:58, 11:59:59—the next time should have read 11:59:60 (that’s the Leap Second). The video shows what happened.

Since I’d gone to all that trouble to film it, I went ahead with a very short video. Besides, I needed (and still need) editing practice.

On the bright side, I needed the main camera to shoot actual photos this evening, so I needed it charged, anyway. Turns out I had plenty of time for that.


rogerogreen said...

My daughter was upset that I didn't note it on something. It was supposed to be just before 8 pm on June 30 in Eastern US. but I didn't realize it until 20 minutes later..

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

Next time! (I'm metaphorically shaking my fist in a "vow"…)