Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ask Arthur yet again

For several years now, I’ve done an “Ask Arthur” series of posts in which I answer readers' questions. This time, partly as an experiment, I’m going multi-media. Well, maybe. In any case, it’s your turn.

I’ve done one of these “Ask Arthur” series every December since 2012, but in 2013 I also did one in July. I decided to revive that this year.

The way it works is that folks as me questions about things they’re interested in knowing about—obviously things I can answer. In the past, I’ve had questions about me, about life in New Zealand, about being an expat, what I think about certain topics—lots of things. Any topic is okay, though if I have no idea how to answer a question, or can't for some reason, I’ll say so. I’ve never had a question that I wouldn’t answer (I clearly have few boundaries…), and pretty much can’t be offended, so there’s no prior restraint for questions asked.

As I’ve said before, this idea is stolen from inspired by Roger Green, who does “Ask Roger Anything” (“ARA”) posts. He’s actually already provided me with two Ask Arthur questions.

This time, I’m open to the possibility of posting video answers on the AmeriNZ YouTube Channel (I’ve had questions in the past that would have benefited from pictures, and if that happens this time I may make videos to go with written answers here). I’ll solicit questions separately on YouTube, but if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know (they do need to be based in Auckland, and there are some things I can’t do, like go in a grocery store because they ban cameras). You can even send me a video question if you want to be included in my video answer.

This time, too, I’ll also ask AmeriNZ Podcast listeners to pose questions. Some of the answers may end up here, or in video form, too. Here again, if you want to, you can send me an audio file with your question, and I’ll include that in the podcast where I answer any question(s) I get for answering on the podcast.

The point in trying to use all three AmeriNZ channels is that I’ve said all these media channels are different facets of the same storytelling effort, and this is my first attempt to use all three together. It might be good fun—or, it might fail miserably and be a total disaster. We’ll see.

Here’s how to ask questions: First, you can leave a comment on this post (anonymous comments are okay). You can also email me your question (and you can even tell me to keep your name secret, although, why not pick a nom de question?). And, for the first time, you can also ask questions on the AmeriNZ Facebook page.

So, ask your question whatever way works best for you, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Your turn—again!

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DaChieftain said...

Okay, Arthur -- I'll bite.

You have experienced the American flavor of "Freedom" -- which, in the Land of the Free, tends to be fairly overt; and you have experienced the New Zealand flavor of "Freedom" -- which, in the Land of the Long White Cloud, tends to be implied and quite understated.

Which do you prefer, and why?

rogerogreen said...

Man, I can't think of a thing to ask you...(sigh)

rogerogreen said...

OK, I do have a question. Matt Baume's book - I'm about a quarter of the way through it - talks a lot about some gay folks believing that marriage as an institution was heterosexist hegemony, and they wanted to have nothing to do with it. Others (later) thought that a domestic partnership was "marriage-lite". What was your evolution on these issues?