Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sunny is five

Today is Sunny’s fifth birthday, which means that she’s lived with us for more than two and half years. The time has flown by.

She’s still as I’ve described her in the past—friendly, loving and sunny. She spends most of her day somewhere near me, lying down and going to sleep in whatever room I’m in. Her brother Jake, on the other hand, sleeps wherever he wants, usually one of the beds (but sometimes also in the room I’m in, too). I guess she likes to be close to me.

She’s also still different from Jake in the ways I’ve mentioned before, but also in one bigger way: She leaps. A lot. When someone comes to the house, they’re both friendly and eager to great them, but while Jake may stand up and put his front paws on them, Sunny will keep leaping at them. The two then feed off each other’s exuberance and it becomes quite, um, energetic. Still haven’t worked out the best approach to handling that, but it’s impossible to be angry at her.

The bottom line is that Sunny continues to bring joy to our lives—and, it seems to me, to Jake and her cat sister, Bella. They all seem to love being around each other, which is wonderful.

The photo above is actually sideways (she’s lying on the floor). The birthday girl didn’t feel much like posing today—or maybe she was just sick of the flash. Either way, this was the best of the lot.

Happy Fifth Birthday, Sunny!

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Moose Parker said...

Happy Birthday Sunny

Logan said...

Aw, Happy Birthday cutie! :)

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Sunny would thank you both, if she had opposable thumbs. So, you'll just have to take my word for it, and I have an impeccable track record for translating dog into English.