Saturday, July 20, 2013

A book trailer

Apparently “book trailers”, videos to promote a book, are a thing now. At first I thought the idea was kind of bizarre, but, well, why not book trailers?

The book trailer above is for Moon Over Martinborough, a book by fellow gay American expat in New Zealand, Jared Gulian, and published by Random House New Zealand. The YouTube description says of the book:
“The hilarious and heartwarming tale of how two American city boys learn to become olive farmers on a lifestyle block in New Zealand.”
In addition to olive-growing, Martinborough is a wine-growing region. I’ve never actually visited the area, but I’d like to one day. Part of the reason the story interests me is that they’re doing the sort of thing that I once thought I’d like to do. Even though I eventually moved on to other ideas, I can understand why someone would want to do what they’re doing.

I haven’t yet read the book, though I’ve read the related blog, also called Moon Over Martinborough. I’ve also interacted with Jared a couple times on Twitter (meaning, it’s more like I know OF him than know him; no, we American expats in NZ don’t all know each other).

The book is available in print, and a Kindle edition is also available from Amazon (other purchasing options are listed on his site). I’ll eventually buy the book, and I may even do a “Book Talk” post about it. First things first, though.


rogerogreen said...

"We American expats in NZ don’t all know each other." WHA? I thought it was the law that you did...

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I know, right? It's not like there are that many of us here! And, anyway, so what if they live at the opposite end of the country? We can be there in 45 minutes! [note to casual readers: Roger knows I'm joking about how some of our fellow Americans actually think such things. Sigh. A joke's not funny if you have to explain it. Nevermind.)