Sunday, July 07, 2013

Ask Arthur

This blogging thing is incestuous. Well, for lack of a better word. In response to a recent post, Roger Green asked a question that will become a future blog post. And now I’m carrying on from that.

See, it reminded me that last year I did an “Ask Arthur” post where I solicited questions. Of course I ultimately answered them—it would have been rude not to. Now, I’m back again.

It’s your chance to ask whatever pops into that pretty little head of yours. It could be about something I’ve said, something I haven’t said, or something you wish I’d said something about. Maybe you want to know something about me (aw, you’re sweet!). Whatever, I’ll answer as honestly as I’m able.

Because I’m smart and all (meaning, I can look at stats for the blog…) I know that there are far more readers than commenters. So, maybe you’re shy about expressing yourself publicly. No worries! Just click the email link in the right sidebar, tell me you want to remain anonymous, and your question will just be between us. The point is, everyone’s welcome.

So, leave a comment to this post, send me an email or whatever, and I’ll do my best to answer your question. Depending on whether I get any questions or not, I’ll either answer in one post as Roger does, or I’ll make them special posts.

So, don’t be shy—ask away!

And, by the way, you can check our Roger’s latest “Ask Roger Anything” post, from which I shamelessly stole the idea.


Grant said...

So, Arthur, these questions aren't terribly imaginative, but I'm quite curious. As a Yankee living in New Zealand, what is it you miss most about living in the US? ...and, of course, I'd like to know what you miss the least, other than the government. :)

rogerogreen said...

I'm curious how you became such a political science geek when you were younger. I mean, it can't be just a pursuit of truth, justice and the American way. (Interestingly, when Chris asked me about why I knew all of the Presidents, I only then realized it had a LOT to do with JFKs assassination - answer forthcoming in a week or so.)

rogerogreen said...

Do the 5th and 6th paragraphs of this article, ostensibly about Scalia, but largely about Frederick Douglass, reflect your attitude about civil rights, and gay rights in particular? http://www.salon.com/2013/07/06/scalia_fails_to_grasp_true_democracy/

rogerogreen said...

How do you feel about casting folks who aren't the category they portray. I was thinking about Johnny Depp as Tonto, but there are tons of other examples. Should only a gay man play a gay man, e.g. Related question: how do you feel about casting a character that had been traditionally white differently? I'm thinking about making Kingpin, the white villain in the Daredevil comic books as a black man, Or the black Asgardian in the Thor movie that made parts of fandom apoplectic.

rogerogreen said...

Related: were you affected in issues of justice by books, TV shows, movies?

rogerogreen said...

People in the public arenas are often in need of apologizing for some damn fool thing he did or she said. What does a decent apology look like, what does a lousy one look like, and what actions are unforgivable, regardless of the apology?

rogerogreen said...

Per Bobby Jindal's suggestion, are the Republicans any smarter? (Snort, giggle) - http://www.nationofchange.org/louisiana-republican-introduces-bill-ban-lgbt-rainbow-flag-public-buildings-1373291952

rogerogreen said...

What is your basic feeling about boycotting products or services? Does it do any good? What issues would prompt you to do so? I thought of this when I read about Orson Scott Card trying to dull the impact for a likely boycott of the upcoming movie adaptation of one of his books due to his views on gay marriage. I should say that the answer for me in this specific example is moot, since the subject matter doesn't interest me. www.salon.com/2013/07/09/orson_scott_card_gay_marriage_issue_has_become_moot/

rogerogreen said...

I suppose I should say that you should feel free to ask ME any of these questions, if the answers are of interest to you... Also, Jaquandor, who will do this ASK ME thing next month, will get at least some of these.

rogerogreen said...

Another question: I was reading Mark Evanier's column - http://www.newsfromme.com/2013/07/13/saturday-evening-10/ - and he wrote recently: "The other e-mail was from someone who seems pretty happy Trayvon Martin
is dead because, you know, he was a druggy gang member who probably
deserved it. Martin may not have been guilty of something at that
moment but he was foolish enough to go up against an armed man so he
brought his death on himself. Or so this guy believes. I don’t think
I’m going to consider him a friend any longer." Did someone's politics/values/thoughtlessness ever end a friendship with you?

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Another good question—I'll add it to the list!