Monday, July 22, 2013

And another

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I love social networks, social media, whatever you want to call it: They can be fun, informative, interesting—and annoying, challenging, offensive, all at the same time. I actually like the fact I never know what I’ll find, and I’m often pleasantly surprised.

Well, I’ve “added” another one, Instagram, the mobile phone photo-sharing network. I put that in quote marks because I actually signed up a very long time ago, but never got around to setting it up and actually using it. While some of my online friends are big users—very big users in some cases—the fact that it’s now owned by Facebook makes it among the easiest ways to post photos to Facebook (and I can post it to Twitter, the network I use the most, at the same time).

The photo above is actually my first Instagram photo, which I took this morning and captioned, “Misty morning outside the house.” Yeah, I’m clever, alright. But it WAS foggy this morning—I could hear foghorns on ships in the harbour, which isn’t all that close to our house!

Anyway, if you’re on Instagram, I’m there as “arthur-amerinz”.

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