Monday, August 27, 2012

It’s a judgement

Tropical storm Isaac, on it’s way to becoming a Category 1 hurricane, has forced the Republican National Convention to cancel the first day of proceedings. So, obviously, that’s someone’s god’s judgement on the Republican Party, right? I mean, if this was happening to the Democratic National Convention we all know that Republicans would be tripping all over themselves to declare it was “god’s judgement”, so, logically, that must be true here, too, right? Right?! It doesn’t? Why, could that mean Republicans are hypocrites about religion? I am shocked!

Obviously, I’m not alone in mocking the Republican Party for its religious hypocrisy and hubris; the video above mocks them even more directly. All of which is necessary, of course: Republican politicians and windbags are never happy unless they can claim to be victims of those mean liberals. They just don’t realise that they write all the jokes we make.

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