Saturday, August 18, 2012

A good ad

This is an ad from Emily’s List Super PAC is against the Republican candidate for US Senator from Wisconsin. This is a particularly effective ad because it highlights the fact that the Republican is just another a Washington insider backed by the corporate elites. But it does so in a way that’s not an overtly personal attack, nor misleading (all of the information contained is readily verifiable—and it’s only a small portion of the evidence they could have used).

Ads like this are, by definition, negative, but this particular ad doesn’t stray into the gutter of lies and deception that so many Republican Super PAC ads do. I doubt that many of the ads from Super PACs on the Republican side will be on the high ground. I’d say the same about ones on the Democratic side—except there are so few of them it probably doesn’t matter. In any case, descent into the sewer is inevitable.

Still, this ad is an example of a negative ad that doesn’t have to be too negative to get the point across.

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