Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anatomy of a smear

The Republican attack machine has been going into overdrive over an entirely manufactured outrage—a fauxrage, as it’s called—through their propaganda media, especially their Fox “News” Channel. The graphic at left (click to embiggen) details how Republicans created, promoted and institutionalised the lie and smear.

Media Matters documented all this when they posted the graphic: "How the 'Fox News Cycle' can have a significant impact on Republican politics."

They develop a smear.
They criticize other media for not covering their smear.
They use unethical practices to push that smear.
The Fox News smear becomes a Republican theme.
    This isn’t the first time that the Republican Party, Karl Rove and Fox have worked together to create a massive disinformation campaign in order to hoodwink American voters. It is, however, one of the few times it’s been so clear and obvious to anyone who cares to look behind their propaganda curtain.

    I just wish more people would start with the assumption that if it’s on Fox, it’s almost certainly not true.

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