Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conservative Christians can do right

In the discussion over marriage equality, one thing that’s hardly ever discussed is the fact that there’s no inherent incompatibility between being a conservative Christian and supporting marriage equality—despite what some politically-motivated folks try and make people believe. There are plenty of theological as well as common sense reasons why that’s true, but let’s be honest: As a non-theist, I’m hardly the best person to make that case.

Fortunately, others are doing so, and far better than I ever could.

Playwright and composer Wayne Self has posted an excellent discussion of all this, arguing “The fact is, you can support my equality under the law even if you disagree with me completely.” He lays out both the logical and the religious reasons for that, imbued with humour and compassion for those who can’t quite come to terms with that reality—yet.

It’s a long read, but SO worth it for conservative believers and those who love them.

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