Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Full of Mitt

Ask, and we shall receive…

Yesterday, I posted a fun video mocking Mitt Romney and said, “I would much rather we have more fun and upbeat anti-Romney videos like this, and maybe not so many of the more common dour sermons with menacing music in the background.” That request has already been granted.

The video above by Ben Sheehan skewers Romney with a parody of Mitt himself. As with the video I posted yesterday, this one also has the lyrics posted to the video description on YouTube.

I’ve been aware of presidential campaigns for 48 years, seriously for at least 40, and this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a major party candidate who is so prone to lying at nearly every possible opportunity. Because of that, he’s also the first presidential candidate I’ve seen who richly (heh, heh, I made a little joke there) deserves to be mocked. If a mocking of Romney makes me laugh, it’ll probably end up posted here (especially if the script/lyrics are also posted—I like clarity).

I thought that one of the funniest scenes in this video is at the very end (I really did laugh out loud). For comedians, Mitt is the gift that just keeps on giving—he really is full of Mitt.

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