Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Diversion: Old trains

This is another of the old films digitised by Archives New Zealand. This particular one, from 1939, was digitised from 16mm film.

Old films like this fascinate me because they depict a way of life long gone. It’s one thing to read about life seven decades ago, and another to see it. And, it’s always kind of funny to hear the narration presented in that plumy, pseudo-BBC accent that all announcers were required to use in those days (including up to the early days of television).

I picked this particular film because of its travelogue-like quality, and because of the films posted to YouTube around the same time, it had among the most views (which, frankly, isn’t saying much; maybe no one is interested in historic films).

At any rate, the “Railways Department” mentioned in the film is long gone. So, for that matter, is “Government Film Studios”, and don’t get me started on how much Auckland has changed.

Still, something with no politics or controversy. Perfect for a Weekend Diversion.

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