Friday, March 04, 2011

Republican War On Working Families

This TV ad from Progressive Change Campaign Committee (aka “Bold Progressives”) and Democracy for America highlights in simple terms what the Republicans in Wisconsin are up to: A war against working families.

This isn’t unique to Wisconsin, of course: Republicans and Teapublicans are waging the same war in Ohio, though they’ve pulled back, probably only temporarily, in Indiana, New Jersey and Florida. It’s part of a larger Republican strategy to destroy unions so they can drive wages down and eliminate benefits: To increase profits for the corporate elites on the backs of ordinary working families, in other words.

The story of what’s really going on has got to get out. Posting the video helps. So, to, do contributions to help broadcast this ad in Wisconsin (via their ActBlue page). I have no idea how this story will end, but it’s a fight worth fighting.

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