Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekend Diversion: Don’t You Want Me

In this video, Atomic Tom performs "Don't You Want Me", which was originally a hit for The Human League. The song was released in the UK on November 27, 1981—nearly 30 years ago!—and became the Christmas number one single (a very big deal in the UK). It also topped the charts in the US in July, 1982.

The song is included in the soundtrack for the movie Take Me Home Tonight (trailer here), which is set in 1988. This is why there are visual references to so many ‘80s movies in the video.

I kind of like the video better than the cover of the song, to be honest, but that happens sometimes. And Topher Grace is certainly much hotter now than when he was on That ‘70s Show. So, all things considered, a pretty good video.

In any case, this is another instance of 1980s pop culture worming its way back into current pop culture. I’m okay with that.

Footnote: The correct title of the song is "Don’t You Want Me", not “Don’t You Want Me Baby”, as so many people think. Another fun fact to know and tell.

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