Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Clarence Thomas, the embattled US Supreme Court justice facing allegations of impropriety, conflict of interest and ethics violations, has hit back at his critics. He alleged that his opponents were trying to undermine the court.

ThinkProgress broke the story of Thomas’ transgressions (some of which I commented on) and today reported Thomas’ reaction. They went on to list his specific alleged ethics and other violations, then concluded, echoing Thomas:
“So the truth is that ThinkProgress and other Thomas doubters hardly deserve the credit he gives us for undermining the Court’s credibility. Justice Thomas is inflicting far greater wounds on the Court’s legitimacy than any of his critics could ever cause.”
The first rule is, when one is in a hole, stop digging. Apparently Clarence Thomas hasn’t learned that yet.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I haven't had the energy to write it coherently yet. But I do believe that Clarence Thomas should be impeached, for conflict of interest on Citizens United, and lying about his four-day "drop-by" sponsored by the Koch Brothers, and for tax evasion re failure to declare his wife's income. Scalia also has a conflict of interest, but Thomas' multiple sins are worse.