Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quote of the Week: Tapu Misa

Okay, so it’s only Tuesday, but it’s unlikely I’ll find something that better encapsulates what I’ve been getting at this week. Tapu Misa’s New Zealand Herald Column called “Religious nuts the hardest enemies to love” was a treasure trove:
“I knew I'd struggle with the injunction to love my enemies when I first became a Christian. I just didn't expect so many of them would turn out to be other Christians.”
This reminded me of what was one of my favourite t-shirt slogans: “Jesus, protect me from your followers.” Amen to that.

Her column is a full-throated screaming protest from a Christian who sees how her faith is debased by American fundamentalists. She says:
“When it comes to religious nutters, we have nothing on America. The most religious of Western nations excels at breeding the seriously theologically ignorant and misguided. If only they weren't so supremely confident of God's approval as well.”
And that, gentle reader, is really what I’ve been saying. Only she said it better. Which is why I can tell already she’s my Quote of the Week.

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