Sunday, August 03, 2008

What’s with Sen. Grumpy?

John McCain promised to be different, he promised to raise the tone of political debate and campaigning. This week, his campaign went seriously off the rails, and into the gutter, as it adopted the negative campaign style of George Bush and Karl Rove.

Many critics have warned of McCain’s legendary and ferocious quick temper. I always thought it was irrelevant, but given McCain’s increasingly grumpy and irascible behaviour lately, I’ve begun to wonder if maybe they aren’t right, maybe we ought to be worried about giving someone with such a quick temper the keys to America’s military might.

Clearly McCain has nothing new to offer America. His campaign is based solely on the solutions of the past, mostly a continuation of the failed policies of George Bush. McCain’s few non-Bush policies are just same old, same old.

If a grumpy John McCain is going to continue to use demonstrable falsehoods and other Bush-Rove Republican negative campaign methods, he deserves to lose in a landslide. We don’t need more of Bush’s playbook, John McSame: Been there, done that.

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