Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Super Vision

Yesterday I went and had my final check-up following my Intra-Lase Custom LASIK eye surgery (I mention the whole name because apparently there are different kinds). The results: I have better than normal vision, basically 20/15.

To put this into some perspective, before surgery my eyes were roughly -7.5. My right eye was weaker, my left stronger, so this is just an approximation. The point is to show how big the correction was.

Put another way, the entire world was a complete blur to me without contact lenses (or at least my glasses, bad as they were). Without lenses of some sort, I couldn’t really see anything farther than about 20cm from my face.

So now I see normally, possibly for the first time in my life, certainly for the first time since I was eight or even younger. If I have to get up in the middle of the night, there’s no fumbling for glasses. There’s also no more taking care of contact lenses, so if I want to take a nap, I can now just go to sleep for the first time since before I first got contact lenses in 1980 (and I’ve been trying out that new freedom). I can also go to bed at night and get going in the morning faster than I used to be able to do, without the contact lens rituals.

Calling this a miracle is a bit extreme, but the results for me have been pretty miraculous because it’s so dramatic. In fact, it feels like I’ve now gained a super power—Super Vision!

I was a big coward about doing this, and probably wouldn’t have if Nigel hadn’t made the appointment for the initial consultation on my behalf. Once there, things just proceeded along to the surgery itself and to the much better place I now find myself. So, you could say that it turned out to be the best decision I never made. Super, indeed.

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That's great! Congrats!