Thursday, August 07, 2008

Grumpy AND ignorant

John McCain is now adding another label to the growing list of adjectives to describe him: Ignorant. The McCain campaign has been belittling Barrack Obama for daring to point out that people should keep tyres properly inflated and engines properly tuned to help save energy and cut the country's petroleum use.

Who else says that helps? The Bush Administration does—Republicans, of course, and they estimate that it could save in one year more than new offshore drilling could produce in four years. California Governor Schwarzenegger (a Republican) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist (a Republican and possible vice presidential candidate for McCain) also agree. NASCAR (often portrayed as being filled with Republican supporters) has been promoting this for a long time. In fact, John McCain seems to be the only Republican who doesn’t know how much these two simple things will help.

The point of McCain’s grumpy, Rove-like attacks is that his campaign is trying to portray Barrack Obama as elitist and out of touch. But it’s McCain who’s so thoroughly out of touch—including with his own party—that he thinks mocking common-sense good advice is smart. It’s not. It just makes McCain look like he’s ignorant and proud of it. Is he?


d said...

What a douche!

Jason in DC said...

I have to say I'm very disappointed in the campaign McCain has run so far. I guess I foolish thought that he would stick to the high road or at least the somewhat high road.

But it's only the beginning of August and were getting this sort of crap. Imagine what we can look forward to say in October.

Roger Owen Green said...

Off topic, but what's the thing you use to convert, say 1.279 per Canadian litre to X per US gallon?

Arthur Schenck said...

D: I completely agree with you. Funny, that...

Jason: The McCain campaign will only get worse, I think, and even deeper into the gutter—what's that make it, the sewer? "Different kind of Republican" my arse!

Roger: The easiest way to work it out is to Google it. In the search window, to use your example, you'd type: "1.279 CAD per litre in USD per gallon" and click "Google Search". When I did it just now, the result was "1.27900 (Canadian dollars per litre) = 4.61758648 U.S. dollars per US gallon". By the way, it doesn't matter if you spell "litre" the correct way or the American way.

Obviously, you can convert the other way, too—USD per gallon to CAD per litre. And, interestingly, you can convert to the price in USD per litre, too.

The only trick in doing this is knowing the abbreviation of the foreign currency, and sometimes I've had to guess a few times (here are a few: New Zealand is NZD, Australia is AUD, and the British Pound Sterling is GBP.

You could set up a spreadsheet to calculate this, but that's too hard for me with two conversions—litres to gallons and one currency to another. And anyway, who needs to know anything when there's Google, right? ;-)

Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks. I knew it was something relatively easy. Here are some country currency codes: http://www.jhall.demon.co.uk/currency/by_country.html