Monday, May 12, 2008

TV nation

Sometimes connections come unexpectedly. A blog post can be linked to and passed on and sometimes the author may not even know it.

Recently, that happened to me.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a truly awful New Zealand television programme. I used some particularly blunt words, saying the programme “was so bad, so cringe-making, so bloody awful that I count it among the worst television programmes I’ve ever seen.”

That caught the attention of someone and the post ended up being excerpted and linked to at a New Zealand site called Throng (the link is here). Until then, I didn’t even know the site existed, but after the link there was a spike in new (and temporary) visitors. In fact, for a time it became the second-biggest single source of visitors to my blog (after those who come directly—regular readers, in other words).

Sometimes, you just don’t know where your words will end up. Maybe the real truth in this is that television is the great unifier and people are passionate about it. If so, that’s a good thing: I have plenty more to say about it.

So who’s got the cakes, cookies and tea for these new visitors?

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