Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rice a liar, too?

Condoleezza Rice, the current US Secretary of State, is either a liar or a moron. Take your pick.

In a recent appearance, she talked about the Bush-Cheney regime’s torture programme and said, “President Bush made clear that we were going to live up to our obligations at home and to our treaty obligations abroad.” That’s absolutely not true and, in fact, the regime went out of its way to come up with supposed legal “justification” for using torture, even though it was—and is—clearly illegal. As an insider, Rice was part of those deliberations, making her subject to war crimes charges.

If she now wants to rewrite history and claim something that’s clearly not true, she’s welcome to try. But too many people now know the truth, they know that the Bush-Cheney regime—of which she was a critical part—authorised and practised illegal torture. They know that she took part in clearly illegal activities, which, by the way, their buddy John McCain has steadfastly refused to denounce.

Torture is not just illegal, it’s also morally repugnant. We’re supposed to be better than that. No matter how much Rice tries to re-write history, that fact doesn’t change. Neither, apparently, do Bush-Cheney-McCain apologists.


d said...

So, she didn't refer to Bush as "my husband" this time? I wrote her off long ago.

lost in france said...

But, so is she a lesbian? And will she be getting married in California?

Arthur Schenck said...

Dawn: Rice is an odd one, so closely tied to the Bush-Cheney regime and its policies that it's the main reason John McSame would name her as her VP candidate is just absurd.

LiF: That's the OTHER reason McSame would never pick her: The persistent rumours about her--I am SOOOOOOO hoping she's NOT one of us--I wouldn't want to claim her, that's for sure.

Roger Owen Green said...

Condi is no moron, which, I guess, leaves the prevarication option. I've not quite understood this fascination with her sexual orientation, though, just because she's a "woman of a certain age" with no obvious beau. Maybe she's asexual.

Arthur Schenck said...

I don't understand the fascination, either, but it's constantly there, as it is with Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and plenty of other Republicans. I think it has something to do with hypocrisy, people remaining safely hidden within a party out to destroy them. But I frankly couldn't possibly care less.