Friday, May 02, 2008

Slice of (my) life

These are too small to warrant blog posts of their own, but they’re little bits and pieces of my life. And New Zealand. Sort of.

TV newsreader reads reality

Last night I caught a bit of TV3’s Nightline news programme. The newsreader was talking about Madonna’s concert that was streamed over the Internet to a number of countries, including New Zealand. The video image showed a close-up of the screen with that spinning wagon wheel icon and the word “Buffering” underneath. The newsreader pointed out that was a common sight, due to New Zealand’s slow Internet connection speeds. It’s so refreshing when a newsreader doesn’t ignore a reality. Maybe if more reporters keep harping on about out slow speeds something will finally be done about it.

Brush with fame

Yesterday as I was heading into the office, I saw three guys heading toward me, one of them carrying a guitar case. As I got closer, I recognised one as a newspaper photographer, then I saw the blonde guy and thought, “he looks familiar…” I then realised he was Brian McFadden.

My downunder readers will probably know who I’m talking about, but many Americans may not. He used to be part of mega-successful Irish boy band Westlife until he left to launch a solo career. Now, he lives in Australia with his fiancé, Australian pop singer Delta Goodrum. He was in New Zealand to promote his new album, which is being released in this part of the world first.

He’d just done a lunchtime performance in the company cafeteria (someone had won a radio competition), and he was being photographed for the paper. Up close and in person, he looks more boyish than his 28 years would suggest, and he’s tall (so many celebrities turn out to be small in real life).

So, for many people he’s not a celebrity or famous, and to many people he is. I knew him through Westlife, their songs and videos, and I bought his debut solo single (“Real To Me”, one of the last CD singles I bought, pre-iTunes). So to me, he’s a celebrity, and though I was close enough to kiss him (figuratively speaking), I didn’t say a word. Why is it we’re never prepared when we meet someone well-known?

New Zealand Music Month

May is New Zealand Music Month, and it’s really a subject I ought to talk about more. Only trouble is that for some reason it always sneaks up on me, catching me unprepared. So for now, at least, I’ll direct you to the official website, and promise to do better…eventually.


Anonymous said...

Where's the post for the latest show? Did I miss it? I got the download but don't see the posting. Hmm..am I doing something wrong?

Anway.....here's my comment on your latest show:

So glad you're back! I thought you were pod fading!

I think more podcasters are feeling the same way we are about the whole iTunes reviews and why we podcast.

I haven't had any issues downloading your show or anyone else's podcast lately.

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks! Just busy with a lot today. I'll post the shownotes shorlty.