Friday, May 16, 2008

AmeriNZ 89 – One day

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I begin today with a quick update on my laser eye surgery, one week later. That’s followed by a quick update about podcast meta stuff. Then, it’s on to a discussion of the US presidential race. Does Edwards’ endorsement of Obama matter to me? Do I think Hillary Clinton should drop out?

A phone comment lets me move on to talk a bit about New Zealand politics, which will become a common topic in the weeks ahead. Speaking of New Zealand, later this month I’ll be doing an episode about moving to New Zealand. Is there anything you want to know about that, or about New Zealand? Send me an email!

Comments allow me to expand my own comments. Then, to end the episode, I offer a “final thought for the week” called “One Day,” a podcast exclusive! It won’t be posted on my blog.

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Fairy Princess Holly said...

Hey Arthur,
I hadn't thought of the point you made of Hillary bringing attention to the democrats even though she has almost no chance of being the nominated candidate at this time. It makes sense, and I guess I agree with you. I had been wanting her to drop out until you said that, but I guess you're right. As long as she keeps the focus on McCain's weaknesses and leaves Obama alone, it does help the party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arthur,

I hate to agree with the talking heads but some pointed out that when Bill Clinton was running he lost is some state primaries where the opposition had already dropped out and caused people to say that he wouldn't be able to win the presidency.
It has been suggested by some talking heads that Hillary has stayed in the race that wouldn't happen to Obama and she really hasn't been campaigning since Pennsylvania. As strategies go it would make sense for her to continue a shadow campaign.

Could there be an altruistic side to Hillary?????

Arthur Schenck said...

Holly: So far, that's what she seems to be doing. She just said that the race isn't over yet, but in doing so she didn't attack Obama. Looks like she has her eyes on the real prize--defeating McCain.

Frank: I think you're right, and her staying in the campaign means that no one focuses on McCain's attacks on Obama over Iran, either.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the eyes are doing well and you are able to see so well. That's great!

I have to disagree with you. I think Hillary should get out so that Obama can focus on McCain. And I also think McCain gets lots of attention every day. ABC News mentions something about him every day. And I don't know if you see the Washington Post but McCain gets something written about him every day as well. Of course these are conservative media outlets and shouldn't be the place to get the truth. Just my two cents.

RambleRedhead said...


I couldn't agree with you more about Hillary and Obama and can't wait for this to be all over.

I really loved the way you end the show with your final thought and I feel the same way - instead of those who complain about the victory we had in California - we should enjoy the moment even if it is for one day and then continue to work hard to after the next one.