Friday, May 02, 2008

Accidental discovery of the past

This won’t come as a huge surprise to clever people, but it’s now possible to post to a Blogger blog in the past.

Earlier today I was using the newly added post-date feature in Blogger (where you can set posts to be published at a future time; others have had this for a long time, but I digress). Due to some Internet bugginess, I thought it didn’t understand what “13:10” meant, so I changed it to “1:10”, and voila! the post appeared on my blog—dated 1:10am last night, when I was actually sound asleep.

I played with the feature in beta form and thought it would be useful (I often write several posts at once, and this feature will allow me to have them automatically appear on my blog at various times, rather than all at once. But now I know I can sort of re-write the past, too. I hope they don’t change that, because imagine how useful it will be to be able to extend birthday greetings or whatever when you’ve forgotten the event until it’s passed.

But, for future reference, something won’t be dated in the wee small hours unless it was actually posted at that time. That, or I messed up the post time again (the 24-hour clock just confuses me). This one, however, was posted immediately.

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