Friday, February 22, 2008

AmeriNZ 74 – Short subjects

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Today’s is a short episode, and that relates to my first topic: I’m running out of storage space on Podomatic, so I’ll soon take down my earliest episodes. If you ever wanted to listen to or download them, now’s the time! In about a week or so, I’ll be deleting my earliest episodes.

Okay, so I messed up some things on the answers to the questions on the last episode. Deal with it! Did you know that the light in New Zealand and Australia is different? Researchers say that it is and matters. Our petrol is bloody expensive compared to America. A conference was held in New Zealand to ban cluster bombs. The USA boycotted the meeting. Surprise! The United Kingdom may soon cut off residency access to some Commonwealth citizens. Comments including a voice letter round out this episode. Nigel will be back!

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Anonymous said...

Arthur - I can remember when people in the U.S. used to only turn their headlights on when traveling in the daytime. Not sure if this was common everywhere but it was within my family.

Anonymous said...

Think about Libsyn when your podomatic account expires. Look into it. It's what I use and it works out really well.

Has it been a year already?? I can't believe you've been podcasting for a year already! Congrats on your one year anniversary!

No big deal about getting some of your answers wrong on the questions. Don't sweat it.

I think the lights here don't have much of an effect because it seems that all cars have them and you get used to them. Or will when they all have them.

Arthur Schenck said...

Big Fatty: How very sensible your family was. Why waste perfectly good headlights when it's dark?

Archerr: I'm looking at all options, but fortunately I have some time. I just wish I'd set up my RSS feed differently. Oh well, if Eric as COSBIYL can survive a feed change, I guess I can, too.

I thought the same thing about the headlights, actually. Still, if it only helps a little bit, I'm willing to use them.