Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Change America

America is only hours away from “Super Tuesday” in which voters in half the US states will select delegates to their parties’ presidential nominating conventions. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that Americans, regardless of party, want change. The question becomes, who is best positioned to deliver that change?

I feel strongly that there’s one certainty: Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are better than any of the Republican contenders. The only way that change will happen is if a Democrat is elected president in November along with solid Democratic majorities in both houses of the US Congress.

The Republican Party wants to keep things as they are. All their candidates talk about doing what George Bush has done, only more so in some cases. None of the Republicans will bring us change.

So if we want to change America, to restore its promise and its good name, then the answer is clear: We must vote for change, we must focus on change, and we must keep our eyes on the prize—the restoration of America. That’s what’s really at stake for American voters.

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Rebel Yankee said...

Well, I voted! And thanks for the comment on my latest podcast (episode 38). I tend to get riled easily and, frankly, I'm rankled by all of this talk of maybe not supporting the Democratic candidate if it's not one's pet choice.
people, we're in a battle for the soul of this country and anyone who's willing to sit out the race because their personal pick didn't make the general election needs a swift boot by the foot of reality into their sorry asses.
Sorry for being so blunt...and look at me acting like it's your blog readers who are guilty of this! I just don't get that mindset.