Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AmeriNZ 71 – Nik the AmeriAuck

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Joining me today is Nik Dirga, a journalist and a fellow American ex-pat who lives in Auckland (which makes him an AmeriAuck) with his wife and son. This is the first time I’ve had a chat with another American living in Auckland. We talk about Nik’s experiences as an expat, what his impressions of New Zealand are, and how all that relates to others who may be thinking of becoming an expat.

Check out Nik’s blog, Spatula Forum, where there’s a link to his book, Also called Spatula Forum.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Nik! I miss that guy.


I completely disagree in that it is 'indisputably' true that the media would lose focus on McCain if Huckabee dropped out. There would be plenty of news. He would be scrutinized more than ever (which would be great! He is nuts! But not nearly as nuts as Huckabee. Yikes!) Instead of comparing and contrasting McCain to Huckabee, you would then have McCain vs. The Democrats. He would be bigger news than he is now.

My opinion anyway...


Arthur Schenck said...

That's also possible, of course. The Bush/Cheney surrogates are already focusing on the Democrats, though, using negative tricks to try and frame the Republicans as good and the Democrats as bad, even without a candidate. That leaves McCain free of the scrutiny he'd get if the Republican race was over, meaning he gets media attention, but not the threatening kind.

Thanks for listening! Nik was a great guest.