Friday, February 08, 2008

AmeriNZ 70 - Political clarity

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Another podcaster and Jason again join me for a political chat as we try and bring a little clarity to recent events. Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign: What does that means for McCain and the Republicans? Super Tuesday produced no clear winner for Democrats, but does that mean that we’re heading for a brokered convention? Pundits and spin: There was plenty of that on the Super Tuesday coverage. Who might be the vice presidential candidates for the two parties? All that and plenty of opinion, too.

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Unknown said...

I still think that Mike Huckabee still has too much political viability to be just written off. His overt religiosity is giving fundamentalist and literalist Christians the voice they feel that has been missing from politics in many years. He speaks for the segment who feel that the only way America can ever be great again is if the wall between church and state is torn down.

They are the ones who lament that public schools do not have mandatory prayer and religious assemblies. (To give a personal experience of this, my schools had religious assemblies all the way through my senior year in 1988, and for many years beyond.)

They are the ones who feel that a woman must bow to her husband's will.

They are the ones who feel that morality can be legislated--despite the fact that a little thing called Prohibition proved that wrong.

They are the ones who would see Roe v. Wade and Scopes overturned.

They are the ones who feel that preserving the environment is putting a false god in front of the "One True God."

They are the ones who actually believe that God descended into the voting machines in Florida and Ohio, modified the votes, and ensured a Republican victory in '00 and '04 because it was His will that a Republican be in the White House.

They are the ones who have been manipulated into believing that welfare is sinful, even though multiple biblical passages support the idea.

These are the people who believe that Huckabee speaks for them.

Huckabee may be the Republican party's best hope of NOT having a mass defection of fundamentalist and literalists from the Republican party in favor of a third-party candidate. In fact, it's conceivable that he could BECOME a third-party candidate if he is not chosen by McCain as his running mate--assuming McCain does get the nomination.

Again, don't treat Huckabee like he has no chance. We may be in for a surprise if we do.

Arthur Schenck said...

I share your suspicion of him, and while events in recent days have changed things somewhat, I think he still remains a threat. But better that Republicans fight with themselves and foster division within their party because it'll make them easier to beat. Maybe.