Sunday, February 10, 2008

Climbing the iTunes page

Last month, when my AmeriNZ Podcast made the front page among featured Personal Journal podcasts on the iTunes Music Store (USA), I was pretty thrilled. I even blogged about it.

Since then, I’ve been saying that it was only a matter of time before I dropped off the featured page, because there are some podcasts coming along that will be far more popular than mine. I still think that. However, when I looked at the US version of the iTunes Music Store yesterday, I found my podcast had actually moved up (screenshot above). Who’d have guessed that?

I’m up to 21 5-star reviews at the moment, and they’re part of the reason I’ve moved up on the featured page. Thanks to that, I’ve also gained new listeners, and that also helps the positioning of my podcast. So, those people who have written me a review have helped my podcast’s audience to grow.

I can’t thank the reviewers enough for taking the time to leave 5-star reviews. They have all been generous and kind, and some have been downright surprising. I appreciate each and every one. Others have clicked “yes” to the question “Was this review helpful?” and that helps, too.

And, in case you want to leave a review of your own, just click here and you’ll be re-directed to the iTunes Music Store (you do have to have the iTunes player installed first). If that doesn't work, just type "AmeriNZ Podcast" in your iTunes search window, and it'll take your there. As I said last month, I’ll never ask for a donation or cash support of any kind—not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not what I do. So, if you want to support my podcast, this is a way you can do it.

Thanks again!


lost in france said...

Congratualtions, Arthur! You are making feel behind on the technology curve because I am not podcasting :(

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks, LiF! There's plenty of room for more podcasts, you know...

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I was excited for you when I saw you on the front page! Congrats! :)

lost in france said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Arthur, but I am just one of those people who hates hearing his own voice.