Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Projectile blogging

I’ve blogged a lot about my various projects, mostly because they’re the only remotely interesting thing I’m doing these days (interesting to me, anyway), The biggest reason I blog about my projects, though, is that most of them are related to my true project, Building My New Normal, which, at the moment, is literally my (current) life’s work. Sometimes it’s about getting me ready for whatever my life becomes, and sometimes it’s trying out new possibilities, but they’re all about helping me move forward into whatever my future is to be.

The past week has been a particularly busy time for me, especially from Thursday onward as I worked on projects that had deadlines. I’ve completed those projects, and, though they may seem minor at first glance, they were actually huge in helping me accomplish my larger project. However, working on those projects left me with no time to blog, which is bad because they each deserve attention precisely because of the ways in which they’re helping me move forward—or, more accurately, to make that possible.

So, beginning later this afternoon, I’ll publish several posts about those projects. I’ve also finished the first draft of the first of my posts answering questions in this year’s Ask Arthur series, but that, too, got put on hold so I could finish projects. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow—who knows? Certainly not me.

In the meantime, a bit of a teaser: The photo above is of a box that arrived yesterday. It has parts for yet another project, one I may not get to until tomorrow or so, but I will. My life these days really is mostly projects, and that makes sense: They’re helping to make it possible for me move forward into whatever my future is to be.

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