Sunday, April 04, 2021

Oh, yeah – it’s Easter

Easter hasn’t meant anything to me personally for a very, very long time—quite possibly not since I was a kid. I know for certain that it hasn’t meant anything special to adult me.

However, I still enjoyed observing it sometimes, and especially enjoyed spoiling Nigel, which I last did in 2019. I’m glad I did, because he seemed to enjoy it, and it turned out to be my last chance to shower him with Easter chocolates. When I left some chocolates for Nigel in 2015, he posted a photo on his Facebook and talked about how I was the best husband ever. It’s a nice, warming memory.

Last year was the first Easter without Nigel, and I certainly didn’t leave out any chocolates for myself. That would be a weird thing to do, even for me. On the other hand, Easter last year was during New Zealand’s lockdown, and I had bigger issues on my mind than Easter chocolate. I kept busy at that time, though: The day after Easter last year—the last day of the “holiday” weekend—was the first time I made soda bread, which seemed like a big deal at the time. I was actually pretty proud of myself.

This year, though, nothing: Easter’s just a Sunday in a four-day holiday weekend. I had nothing special planned for today, so I guess you could say I had a successful day, because I’ve pretty much done nothing today. Tonight I’m making pasta for dinner so I can use up the last of the tomatoes I rescued from my crop failure. But, then. I make pasta all the time, so that isn’t special, either.

The whole weekend has been pretty good, though: Friday night a bunch of us went to my brother- and sister-in-law’s house for dinner (I drove my mother-in-law and me). It was a really nice evening.

The next day, Saturday, I mowed my lawns, which made me feel I’d accomplished something. I also successfully accomplished a nap, as I did today, too.

Tomorrow? Dunno. I’d like to work in the garage, and I probably will, now that I’ve cleaned up my kitchen in the newly installed daylight, as I mentioned the other day. I also need to do laundry before I run out of underwear (and no one wants that to happen). It’ll be an ordinary day tomorrow, in other words. It’s a public holiday, though, so the shops will be busy.

It’s fair to say that this entire weekend has been ordinary for me, apart form being a four day holiday weekend, of course, and that’s been true for many years. It’s even more true now that I can’t spoil Nigel with Easter chocolates. But having a nice long, quiet holiday weekend? That’s a good thing, even without any special meaning.

This weekend has been a good thing so far. And that’s enough for me.


Roger Owen Green said...

Whatever works. But you leaving chocolates for you wouldn't have been THAT weird. self-care and all that.

Arthur Schenck said...

True! The truth is, though, I'm seldom ito chocolate these days. I did buy myself a pack of hot crossed buns, though!