Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Another podcast guest spot

Last Friday (my time), I met up with Paul of ArcherRadio so we could record a new episode for his show, and “Catching Up With Arthur” is now available. It’s a long episode (roughly an hour and a quarter), of which the first 45 minutes is a chat about where I’m at, my journey through grief, etc. Paul asked me the one question I think's a sort of the “elephant in the room” because one no one has asked it before, though I bet a lot of people are wondering about it (I’ll talk about that question in an upcoming blog post).

Paul and I last caught up like this back in 2018 (and it was also a long episode). We both had some challenges along the way, and for me, I wasn’t really interesting interest in podcasting for the past 18 months. Things are changing for me in so many ways, and returning to podcasting is among the most public.

Paul and I have been friends for a very long time, stretching all the way back to when I was a brand-new podcaster back in 2007. More adventures are planned.


Roger Owen Green said...

Really enjoyed the first 45 minutes or so. It was quite revealing.
And I was totally lost when it got to Apple products, about which I know almost nothing.

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, Paul's something of an Apple fanboy, unlike me, of course.