Saturday, April 03, 2021

Neighbourhood ways

I mowed my lawns today. Nothing new in that, of course—this was the 24th time I’ve used my mower since I bought it just before lockdown last year. But today was about so many more things than just that.

I planned on mowing my lawns last weekend, but one thing after another got in the way: Saturday, March 27 was hot, and then Sunday began a week of rain and storms. It cleared Friday, but I was too busy. Today was the day!

I got up too early (because Leo barked), and thought about starting the mowing before it got too warm. Then I heard the next door neighbour mowing, and I didn’t want to start right then—it violated mowing protocol! When one hears one’s neighbour mowing, one must wait an appropriate amount of time before one also mows, lest it looks like the neighbour has shamed one into mowing. Heaven forbid.

As it happens, the delay awaiting for the appropriate time was appropriate for me, too, because I was tired and needed to wake up, after getting up far too early (because Leo barked). But, in the late morning, I decided it was time.

I mowed the front lawn, then mowed about a third or so fo the back. I stopped because I knew that the grass (weed patch…) was extra long and thick and it would consume the battery’s charge. I put the battery in the charger (a little more than half charge left…) and grabbed the line trimmer and its battery. I attacked the front (first time in many weeks), and moved to the back when I realised the line was used up. I need to put more line in. I also need to find out how to put more line in. I didn’t get very far in the back. I took that battery inside, put it on its charger: Roughly three quarters still usable.

At this point, I noticed the neighbour across the street was mowing his lawns. He, too, waited an appropriate amount of time after my mowing before mowing his lawns.

After lunch, the lawn mower battery fully charged, I finished the back lawn. The mower never stalled, but it clearly worked harder in some areas. When I put the battery back on the charger, it was more than half full—which means I was right: I would’ve run out of charge before finishing the back lawn. And, I got to use the line trimmer out front.

I closed all my rings in my Apple Watch.
This was the point I had my shower—wash away the sweat and grassiness. Then, I had a nap. Well-earned, no doubt, and it made up for getting up so early (because Leo barked). My afternoon and evening have been quite relaxed, which is a good thing, of course. Tonight New Zealand ends Daylight Saving Time and goes back to New Zealand Standard Time. All that my American friends need to know is that we’re still in the future from your perspective—just an hour more futurey.

That, and my lawns are mowed.

I posted the photo above to Instagram/Facebook, but what I didn’t mention on either is that in the background of the photo is my compost bin, which was a weekend project back in September. I still use it all the time.


Roger Owen Green said...

The 24th time you mowed the lawn? You have a counter on the mower or something? Mark it on your phone?

Arthur Schenck said...

No, much more Old Skool: I have a spreadsheet. And this fact will empower a future post.