Sunday, April 05, 2015

The bunny hopped

Last night, the Easter Bunny stopped by our house and left the stuff in the photo above. I saw it just before I went to bed and took the photo. I think he must have left them when I popped outside to look at the “blood moon” lunar eclipse.

Nigel and I saw the Lindt egg with the bunny ears when we stopped in at the grocery store recently. When I stopped back in there a few days later, I got one—um, I mean, I saw they were still there and told the Easter Bunny. The three things up front are little Malteser bunnies, named “MaltEasters".

The “blood moon” was pretty impressive, even though I had no way to take a decent photo. Mind you, I think watching the stars at night is always pretty impressive—although, I noticed that the light pollution from the Auckland CBD is starting to get pretty bad.

Our clocks also changed last night—the Easter Bunny had nothing to do with that, though he probably appreciated the extra hour to deliver treats. We’re now on New Zealand Standard Time, or NZST, and exactly 12 hours ahead of GMT/UTC. Fortunately, no one needs to remember that: The widget up top of this blog automatically changes when the clocks do.

And this holiday weekend still has one more day to go. Now, THAT is sweet!

The title of this post comes from something my mother used to say when I was a little boy, which I wrote about six years ago. Maltesers are similar to, though better than, Hershey's Whoppers in the USA.


rogerogreen said...

Put your right foot forward, put your left foot out.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I see your pop culture reference and raise you: