Monday, April 06, 2015

Holiday weekend’s end

The 4-day Easter Holiday Weekend is wrapping up. It’s been a good and relaxing break, all things considered. We didn’t DO all that much this weekend, which is probably part of the reason it was so nice. That, and the weather was pretty good, too.

This was the second 4-day holiday weekend of the calendar year, the first was New Year’s Day/Day After, but the last one isn’t until the end of the year (Christmas Day/Boxing Day). The next public holiday will be Anzac Day, which for the first time will be observed on a Monday, since the actual day, April 25, falls on a Saturday. Then, it’s roughly eight weeks until Queen’s Birthday on June 1, followed by an excruciatingly long stretch until the next public holiday: Labour Day on October 26, twenty-one weeks after Queen's Birthday.

One potential challenge this weekend was the fact that the clocks changed, but coming smack in the middle of the four-day weekend, it wasn’t too bad—apart from one thing: For some reason, the dogs just couldn’t adapt at all and started demanding to be fed an hour earlier than I’d normally feed them. I could understand that for their breakfast on Sunday morning, but after that? Tonight they still asked to be fed early, so it may not be over yet. This is something I don't remember happening before.

This weekend was also a little mixed for me because of my periodontal surgery on Thursday. There was no pain when the anaesthetic wore off, just a mild discomfort. I couldn’t bite, in part because my lip was a bit swollen, but we had soft food for dinner that night, so it was fine.

The next day, Friday, was a little better. The inside of my lip, particularly where he’d fixed my frenulum, was sore, or, more accurately, stinging. That was a bit better again on Saturday, and more so again on Sunday and again today. I can still feel a slight stinging sensation, but it’s pretty good. Interestingly, apart from a little mild throbbing on Thursday, the tooth that started all this, the one that he actually worked on, didn’t hurt at all.

So, all up, this holiday weekend was a little unusual, but still a good one. I like four-day weekends—we ought to have them every weekend!


rogerogreen said...

Someone said to me today, "Happy belated Easter." I replied, "Well, it's a holiday in New Zealand." She said, "We ought to go there, then."
The odd things I learn from you.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

All part of the service.