Monday, April 27, 2015

A new holiday

Today was a new holiday in New Zealand. Well, not really a new holiday as such, but a new public holiday. And, we have the Labour Party to thank for it.

Back in 2013, Labour MPs David Clark and Grant Robertson got a bill through Parliament that established that when Waitangi Day or Anzac Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the public holiday will be observed on the following Monday. When they fall on a weekday, they’ll be observed on that day.

The law change ensures that all workers get 11 paid holidays every year. It was a really good idea, but National and Act both voted against it. However, they were the only parties to oppose the bill, and with all the other parties backing it, it became law without government support.

Today was the first time the law came into use, and we can go long times without needing it. The next time the law will come into play is Waitangi Day next year, but the next time after that won’t be until Anzac Day in 2020. However, the next year, 2021, both Waitangi Day and Anzac Day fall on a weekend.

The Labour Party shared the graphic above on Facebook. They deserve to celebrate something good they helped bring about, and I think they managed to do so in a restrained way. It’s an example of the good web graphics the party has been producing lately.

In any case, it was nice have a long holiday weekend.

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