Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rainy Saturday

It rained today—a LOT. Any other Saturday, it wouldn’t matter, but today we had a road trip to Hamilton for the day. It rained all the way there, while we were there, and all the way home, until we reached the southern reaches of Auckland.

The trip down was particularly boring, with constant rain, sometimes very hard, but never letting up. When we got to Hamilton, we were waiting for some people, and Nigel opened the shade in the sunroof (heh, SUNroof!), and we saw the rain on the glass roof (photo above). The weird thing is, we never saw the raindrops themselves, just the little pools of water that grew bigger until they rolled off the glass.

Hamilton was much colder than Auckland: It was 12 (just under 54 F) at midday. Combined with the rain and wind, it was pretty awful. Still, we weren’t there for the weather, but to visit.

We headed home after lunch, and the constant rain continued most of the way. But when we reached the southern reaches of Auckland, we could see blue skies up ahead. The clouds were actually beautiful, as they often are at the edges of a storm system. The weather continued to improve as we travelled north. The weather was quite nice at home.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet for us—and so was the weather. Interestingly (to us), at 7pm, well after sunset, the temperature at our house was 15 (59 F); so, Auckland is warmer at night than Hamilton was in the middle of the day.

But, as I said, the weather wasn’t the point, the visiting was. The constant rain was tiring, but it didn’t—ahem—dampen our spirits.